My new young blonde high class prostitute fucked in car

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Got a high class prostitute inside my car sitting behind, ready to get her pussy pounded hard by me as I go behind and sit while I start caressing her thighs, I start to feel her pussy on her panties and rub her thighs, she takes off my pant and starts to touch and feel my cock as it gets rock hard she takes it in her mouth and starts to give me a blow job, damn this whore is too sexy and experienced while I sit back and enjoy. I wanted to fuck this prostitute as I get her naked and ask her to sit on me and take my dick inside and ride me hard, she is finding it tough for her to sit and ride my dick but she does it so nicely, her pussy is so warm and tight for my huge cock, I ask her to lie down and spread her legs as I start to pound her very hard, she is moaning continuously while I pull my dick out and start stroking it myself thinking I would just come but I didn’t. so I inserted my dick again in her pussy and fucked her till I felt like cumming as I did, but inside her pussy.
My new young blonde high class prostitute. I found this sexy little thing just outside the bar, where she was looking for a fix. With that tight body and those beautiful eyes, she looked at me, and talking to her, I knew she was horny as fuck. So I picked her up and we went to the nearest parking lot. By the time I parked, I could already feel her body heating up for my cock. We started kissing, and by the time I reached for her tight, young pussy, she was already wet. Then I got her naked, and she sucked my cock like a champ with those sexy teenage lips, while I fingered her wet pussy. She then climbed on top of my dick, and her tight lips grabbed my cock like a teenage pussy that has never been fucked hard before. As she bounced on my dick, which was getting harder and harder, I could feel her body relishing, enjoying it like a cock-hungry slave. With each and every bounce of that sweet ass on my cock, I could feel her, building up, about to burst. And then, she burst forth with the ecstasy and came all over my dick, and I held her tight, as her petite body shivered in sheer joy. Then she lay on her back as I got on top of her and started fucking her like the slut she really is. With each thrust of my thick hard cock, her tiny, tight pussy held on to me like a glove. She then came again, and again, all over my dick, and each time I could feel her body in a shocking ecstasy of not being able to believe what it had just felt. After a while, her tight pussy got to me, and as I came, all inside her, I could feel her pussy, holding my cock, swallowing each and every drop, as if she’d never let go.

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