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World first Guybrator, a Vibrator for Men!

by Sarah87 on 2015 Jun, 25

Did you know, that you can buy the world first Guybrator, a Vibrator for Men! Unique and great Sex Toy, which is specifically designed for men only. The great thing about it is, that you can use Pulse aka The Guybrator for solo or in duo, because its a great toy for couples aswell. You just put this soft toy on your Penis, and let the game begin.

As a solo toy, you will enjoy the uniqueness from this revolutionary next generation masturbator, that will take you to seven heaven. This man sex toy sensation will be completely different to anything experienced before. And there is Pulse II Duo. Revolutionary hands free sex toy for couples. Worn by him, enjoy by both. Sensual Pulse II Duo have soft silicone underside with romote controle, which can be used for erect or flaccid, during foreplay and in numerous positions.

This sex Toy is certainly something special, it's definitely worth a try!

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